Web Application Development

Web Application Development –

Web application development is something we have been doing since 1994. We were one of the first to offer dynamic content and allow our customers to update, edit, and add content to their websites.


IBM_Lotus_logo We started out developing using Lotus Domino. Lotus Notes and Domino is an e-mail, groupware, collaboration application. It is used extensively by high end clients. Within the application is a web application environment. It works by taking a Lotus Notes Database and converting it to HTML on the fly as it’s needed. At the time we first saw this in action we knew this was something that nobody else was doing. At that time there was no PHP or any other strictly web programming available. If you wanted to do anything you had to use Perl scripting.Although we aren’t using Domino as extensively as we once were, we still find application where it is extremely useful.
 wordpress-logo Besides Domino we also use WordPress and Joomla. Both of these products have come a long way and have matured to the point where they are easy to use, reliable and feature rich. WordPress in particular has a multitude of plug-ins and themes available, many at little to no cost that can get your on line presence set up in a short time fram.
 PHPMySQL_logo PHP and MySQL have become the go to environment for robust web applications. We have the resources available to custom create your application in the event there isn’t anything off the shelf available.

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